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Since 1979, Creative Services USA Inc. has been servicing the apparel, textile and furniture industries. We are a full service operation offering design assistance, cutting, swatching, collating, finishing and shipping. We combine high quality work with outstanding service and excellent pricing to ensure the customer’s complete satisfaction. We provide a turnkey solution to outfit sales organizations and customers with consistent, high quality marketing tools. Cap Sets/Headers. Catalogs, Color Cards, Customized Sales Aids, Direct Mail, Retail Product Displays, Stock Books, Product Line cards and fulfillment are all part of our everyday repertoire. Our attention to detail matched with our unparalleled experience and superior organization delivers your program the way you want it and when you need it.

Swatches are a cost-effective way to improve your ROI. How, you ask? It¹s simple. The primary goal of any marketing tactic is to give potential customers a comfort level with a product. No one is going to purchase a product they don¹t like. But, no one is going to purchase a product that they don’t fully understand or appreciate, either.

The beauty of swatches is that they do just that … give your potential customer a comfort level with the product. There¹s an old saying: “Seeing is believing.” When it comes to making a purchase, however, “seeing” often isn¹t enough. Touching. Feeling. Sometimes, smelling. Swatches enable you to appeal to more of your customer’s senses providing them with, again, that level of comfort.

Grab their attention

Studies show that, on average, a shopper walking an aisle spends less than five seconds with most products. After all, their senses are assaulted in a store environment. Swatches also help you to grab that shopper¹s attention; to differentiate yourself from your competitors in a positive way.

Give them something interactive

Swatches are “involving”, too. Once they¹ve grabbed the attention of the customer, they can engage your customer in the process. It¹s the difference between being told something and being given the opportunity to come to one¹s own conclusion. Which would you prefer? The latter, of course. Everyone wants control over their own destiny, and making a purchase ­whether a fabric for a sofa, a sheet set or a pair of socks is no different.

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Spend relatively little: Back to ROI. The competitive advantage we’re talking about, the comfort level that customer’s need and want… these are essential in making a sale. But, at what cost, you might ask? Build a swatching program into your product cost, along with your other marketing/packaging materials such as bags, boxes and printed boards. It may seem, at first, like an additional cost, but you¹ll find that with the increased number of turns that swatches can generate, that a swatch program is not a cost. It¹s an investment, and one that will pay off in increased sales. Effective swatch programs have been shown to increase sales by 15% to 20%. What would you pay to achieve these kinds of increases in your business?

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