Cutting Services


  Properly cut fabric samples are an attractive and ravel-resistant sales aid. Our 40” and 24” cutting machines provide both pinked and straight cut capabilities. Our 40” machine provides for superior fabric utilization reducing the yardage required to produce your project. Our cutting room staff has the experience and skills necessary to maximize fabric utilization that in turn reduces your costs.

Design Services


  There is no better advertisement for your company’s products than a well designed and comprehensive fabric swatch presentation. Manufacturers and distributors of decorative materials rely on their sampling programs to help drive revenue for brand new product launches as well as replenishment programs in support of ongoing sales. We bring more than 30 years of experience producing and designing swatch projects in every imaginable shape and configuration.

Manufacturing Services


We design and manufacture a full range of high quality material sampling solutions. From swatch cards, memo samples and sandwich cards to chain samplers and ring books. Our experience and expertise in the design of your project will deliver your company a professional presentation that will achieve your goals and be a project of which you will be proud. 

Drilling & Grometting Services


  When holes are required in paper or fabric for your projects; we have the machinery and tools to produce clean and concise drilling to delivery your project the way you want it. Our automated grommeting provides your project with a professional finish and appearance that provides durability to any presentation. We offer a wide array of sizes and materials that will allow the use of just the right grommet for your project. Whether you’re grommeting paper or fabric we have the right solution for your project.

Finishing Services


  Some customers will collate their own sampling into kits and then distribute. We offer this labor intensive service to expedite the overall process of getting the fabric samples into the hands of those who need them when they need them. Kitting may involve assembling various components of a sample kit or simply collating into lot quantities per shipping box. We can bag and/or band sample cards in sets and we can insert letters into envelopes with your swatch project. Our finishing staff is capable of executing any of your needs in a quality, efficient and expeditious manner.

Fulfillment & Satisfaction


  We provide reliable, fast and efficient fulfillment of materials, samples and sales literature to your sales channels and customers. We take the burden off your shoulders with our cost-efficient fulfillment services. Save the time and logistical hassle by having us distribute your materials among your clients, prospects and customers. We consistently and efficiently ship your materials to your sales force and customers so that they receive what they need and when they need it.

Labeling Services


  Your Excel spreadsheet data becomes labels through our plate-free digital system which allow us to print short runs economically, enabling you to purchase only what you need and providing you with quick turn-around proofs. We offer an unlimited variety of labels forms: Corner labels, half-linens, adhesive stickers, bar codes and custom logos. The result is clean, consistent designs and printing.

Laminating Services


  Film lamination can be applied over paper materials to form an additional barrier of protection against extensive wear due to handling. Our quality laminating services imparts strength, stability and durability to the paper materials used in your projects. We can provide one-sided and two-sided laminating in varying mils (thicknesses) with gloss or matte finishes. Give your projects the professional and durable finish that your customers will recognize and appreciate.

Sewing & Surging


  Serging is an effective way to protect the edges of material samples from fraying, separating or general wear and tear due to handling. We use high quality serging thread that is typically used in commercial or upholstery grade applications. We also offer single needle stitching which can be used to secure headers to fabrics or braids and fringes to presentation cards. Our professional sewers can meet any and all of your stitching needs.

We are ready to get started on your next project today!

 Creative Services USA has produced more swatch cards — with a greater variety of materials — than any other sample manufacturer. Swatch cards are the most common way of presenting material samples. Designers and consumers prefer to use swatch cards to get a quick, convenient overview of what’s available in your materials catalog. You want your product catalog to make a great first impression on your customers, and that’s where Creative Services USA comes in – as a one-stop shop for all your swatch card requirements.
A typical swatch card is an 8½” x 11” panel that can be easily kept in a ring binder. Larger swatch cards can be made to fold to fit into a ring binder. Flip style boxes and cradles have become increasingly popular and make it possible to incorporate custom sizes. We design and produce a wide variety of the highest quality material swatch cards, including surface mounted cards, sandwich cards, waterfall cards, pad cards, digital cards, and presentation boards.

Swatch Cards – Highlights

  • Broad Material Sampling Capabilities – Fabrics, wallcoverings, vinyl, leather, paper, and more.
  • Highest Quality in the Industry – Consistent, polished appearance to make your materials stand out from the competition.
  • Best-In-Class Operations – Including project management, design, printing, die cutting, finishing, and quality assurance. Creative Services USA manages the entire swatch card production process in-house, using our automated systems for the highest precision positioning in the industry.
  • 100% Quality Inspection
  • We inspect 100% of every swatch card production run to ensure that you get the quality you expect:
  • The right swatch in the right position on every card
  • Swatches that are straight, without stretching or warping
  • Sharp, clean die cuts
  • Clean, crisp printing
  • No smudges, smears or glue residue